Datalogic DPSS laser GREEN-LASE

The Green-Lase 4W and 10W laser sources and markers operate on the V-Lase platform and use Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) in an intracavity architecture, which maximizes LBO non-linear crystal conversion efficiency.

The Green-Lase wavelength results in a lower “heat affected zone” compared with an infrared laser. This effective laser source thus offers significant advantages in marking applications with materials such as plastics that do not interact with the original infrared wavelength, as well as with semiconductors such as silicon (e.g. wafer marking). Superior absorption coefficient in semiconductor material used in solar cells makes this source ideal for photovoltaic applications (e.g.: thin film scribing.


Features & benefits:

- Easy integration and configuration
- High reliability
- Lower "heat affected zone" 
- Ideal solution for PCB marking
- Excellent marking results on semiconductors and silicon and on materials such as non-doped plastics not interacting with IR
- State-of-the art marking kit including user friendly marking software



This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

- Marking of plastic (when not sensitive to IR) and thin film ablation
- Marking on silicon and semiconductors and others applications in the electronics industry


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