Global Laser Laserlyte Greenlyte Alignment System

The 532nm Greenlyte system which is 9 times bright then a 650nm laser to the human eye is particularly suited for use on surfaces such as hot steel, working at longer distances and in high ambient light level.


Two models are available with powers of 1mW and 5mW.
Six projections are available including, dot, cross and lines.
Futher flexibility allows the line and cross projections optics to be interchangeable between modules.


The main features of the Laserlyte Range:


- Plug and play system
- Avaliable in red or green outputs
- Wide range of projection options
- Variable intensity Dot and Cross models
- User adjustable focus control
- 110/240 Vac & 12/24 Vdc powered
- Wide range of mounting options and accessories
- No technical laser expierence required


The Laserlyte range is supplied with a 12 month parts and labour warranty.


Certified to ISO9001.



For more information, please see the DATASHEET and the USERGUIDE. 
For any price request, we invite you to contact us : 
or +32 4 365 02 43.


The Techlasershop team.

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