Amplitude Systemes Amplitude Satsuma

Satsuma is an exceptional high energy, ultrafast fiber laser with high repetition rate.

Satsuma is a high energy ultrafast fiber laser. It benefits from Amplitude Systemes extensive experience in ultrafast laser technology and simultaneously offers a high output energy and high repetition rate.

Thanks to groundbreaking, patented technologicak advances in fiber design and amplifier technology, Satsuma offers short pulse with high repetition rate (up to 1 MHz) and high energy (up to 10 μJ) in an ultra-compact and highly stable housing. With its extremely high repetition rate and excellent beam quality, Satsuma combines the high quality of ultrafast laser micro-machining and the processing speed required for industrial applications.

Satsuma is built on a hermetically sealed monolithic housing for improved stability. It features advanced optical performances, a complete set of diagnostics and simple control electronics.

Satsuma is an ideal tool for ultrafast micro- and nano-machining, non-linear optics, nanophotonics, and life science applications.

Features : 

- Designed for industrial applications
- Pulse width below 500 fs
- Up to 10 μJ energy per pulse
- Repetition rate up to 5 MHz
- Compact laser head
- Optional SHG & THG 

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