Datalogic Laser DPSS UV-LASE

The UV laser source exploits the extensive experience and success of the DPSS family and is based on the mechanic optical architecture of Third Harmonic Generation (THG).

The extra-cavity technology allows high efficiency conversion of the LBO nonlinear crystal and compactness of the laser source.


Features & Benefits:

- Extended Lifetime
- Extremely compact
- Easy maintenance
- Motorized Crystal Shifter
- Fast FPK
- High reliability
- Excellent Beam Quality for superior marking & processing application
- Air-cooled industrial design
- Advanced diagnostic & easy connection
- Based on state-of-the-art V-lase Platform



This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

- Special material processing such as glass marking for traceability purposes in automotive
- Heat sensitive applications in the electronics, aerospace and solar industries



For more information, please see the  DATASHEET.
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The Techlasershop team. 

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