Global Laser Greenlyte-MV-Excel 532 nm 5 mW (inludes modulation)

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The Lyte-MV modules are available in red, infrared and green wavelengths with powers up to 200 mW.


The lasers have a wide range of options and accessories including mounting kits, power supplies and projection options.  The range of modules are qualified to European specifications and are one of the most controllable lasers in the machine vision market.


The GreenLyte-MV Excel is a green 532nm machine vision laser with the following features.


- Highly visible green line
- Stable power without thermoelectric (TE) cooling 
- Uniform non-Gaussian line with fan angles from 5° to 90°
- CW, Linear modulation or TTL control
- Unique user adjustable focus without removing line optics
- Laser classification maintained during focus adjustment
- Electrically isolated case
- Powers up to 50mW
- Low operating current
- Rugged design 
- High boresight accuracy

The Lyte MV range is supplied with a 12 month parts and labour warranty. Certified ISO9001.



For more information, please see the DATASHEET and the USERGUIDE.
For any price request, we invite you to contact us : 
[email protected] 
or +32 4 365 02 43.


The Techlasershop team.

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