Lasea DL Series Diode laser system

Laser systems from Lasea are especially designed for a quick and easy integration into customer specific environments.

Benefit from our many years of experience in customized laser solutions for the industry. We provide accurate, flexible, reliable systems for your application.

Lasea's control unit all have identical user interfaces, therefore simplifying external controls. Interlocks are managed by 2 safety controllers putting the system in a safe state. Communications with the included control software can be done through USB or Ethernet ports, and stand alone operation is possible by uploading the job file into the scanner.

The DL system integrates a maintenance-free diode laser, and its driver brings a high accuracy and current stability. No current overshoot or ringing arise when altering output current or load impedance abruptly. The driver response is absolutely reliable.
Long-term power stability and repeatability are under +/-1%.

Features :


Marking, Welding, Cutting

Tremendous lifetime with an MTBF of 100.000 hrs

Air cooled

High accuracy

Vibration-free and clean process

No contact

No consumables

No tool wear


Available as:         

- OEM systems
- Workstations
- Customized production lines


For more information, please see the DATASHEET
For any price request, we invite you to contact us : 
or +32 4 365 02 43.

The Techlasershop team. 

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